Origin of Jebeewon
Origin of Yeonmisa

This area, where 'Andong Eecheondong Sukbulsang' is located, is called 'Jebeewon' which is a common name.
The letter 'won' in the name means a kind of inn where travelers stay and take a rest. It is originated from Buddhist temples in the Goryeo Dynasty, which were located at an important place in terms of transportation and used as a national-level accommodation for government officials on a business trip to rural areas.

When they went to Chungchung Province, Gyeonggi Province or Seoul, all the travelers had go over Sobaek Mountains, passing by Andong, and in the center of its route was Yeonbiwon. Accordingly, the letter, 'Yeon(ци)', meaning 'a swallow', which was the legendary background of the temple name, Yeonmisa, and the letter, 'won', which was a nationally designated accommodation, seem to have been combined to give the name, 'Jebeewon' at last.
It is a general explanation that the temple used to be called 'Yeonbiwon' or 'Younmiwon' thanks to its shape of a swallow flying, and as time went by, it became a name indicating the whole area where the stone Buddhist statue is located. Especially, as mentioned in the article of Sungjoo-puree saying, 'Whereabouts is the home of Sungjoo.
The origin is probably Jebiwon in the land of Andong, Gyungsang Province.', it deserves to be a very meaningful place as the spiritual and original place of the Sungjoo folk belief.