Maid Yeonee

In this place called Gohchang in the Shila Age, there was an inn(called 'Won' at that time). In this inn lived a beautiful maid named 'Yeon' having done errands since her parents died when she was 8.

Yeonee was not only beautiful, but so warm-hearted that she gave a warm reception to travelers and accumulated every single virtuous deed all the times. She could go to bed very late at night after heating all the rooms, supplying food generously and even doing travelers' laundry. Coming back to her room, she didn't go straight to bed, studying hard and thinking over how more kindly and what to help the visitors the following day. At the same time, her belief in Buddha's mercy was so strong that after cleaning at daybreak, she prayed to Amitabha, so all the passers-by couldn't but get touched by her devotion and warm heart.
All the single men in the neighborhood admired her secretly. In the village near the won(), there lived a rich man with the last name, Kim, who never felt sympathy for anyone, even kicking out a begger. Such a brutal miser also had the same desire to get married to her as the other guys, but even his wealth couldn't help him win the heart of Yeonee easily, who had a warm heart.

One day, he happened to meet a violent death and went to the world of the dead. The King of Hades, after getting bidden a greeting and ransacking the name list, managed to find his name and asked, making an insidious smile,
"Well, your time hasn't come yet, but since you are already here, do you want to give your things away?
"I don't have anything at the moment." he answered. The king thought about something, nodding his head, and talked to him again, making a smile. "

"Look, son! As you committed many sins in the world, you are supposed to be reborn as a cow in the next life. Your storage room is empty, but the girl, named Yeonee, living in the won near your village has accumulated so many virtuous deeds as to fill up her storage room. If you possibly borrow some of hers, you may go back to give them away."
Shocked a lot by what the King said, he borrowed some of Yeonee's treasures in the joy of being alive again, and came back to the world.

On coming back, he went to meet Yeonee and told her what had happened to him, sharing his wealth with her. She decided to use all the wealth for Buddha when a stone Buddhist statue was afflicted with rain and wind. She asked Dosunguksa to build a Buddhist sanctum large enough to protect the statue.
The construction was so large-scaled that it took a long time of 5 years to complete the construction.
Unfortunately, on the last day of the construction, a worker setting up the roof with tiles fell down to the ground from the high roof by mistake.
His body was broken into pieces like a tile, and his soul turned into a swallow and flew into the sky.